Slash Fiction
Please Note - These are SLASH stories - that means two men in romantic &/or sexual situations.  Proceed at your own risk.

Black Christmas
Dec 04, Manny/Bernard, NC-17
Christmas Eve and three spirits visit Bernard
Dec 04, Manny/Bernard, PG
Christmas Eve and Bernard needs a new accountant
Desk Talk
Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, PG
Goo.  Manny asks Bernard out
Cowboys and Angels
Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, NC-17
Set after series 3.  Evan, Emma, a birthday and lots of smooch
The Lion King
Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, PG
Manny finally speaks his mind
Inspired by 'Travel Writer', series 3

Green Monsters
Sep 04, Manny/Bernard, PG
A bit of Absinthe-inspired goo

Constant Reminders
Sep 04, Manny/Bernard, pre-slash, PG
Manny quits.  Again.
Based on the truly wonderfully inspiring episode 'He Leaves Home'

Out of Habit

Sep 04, Manny/Bernard, pre-slash, PG
Manny returns from a night away from home to disaster

Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, NC-17
Angsty, darker, not in the comedy vein of the series
Just Words?
Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, PG
A short alternative 'After Rowena' piece, or equally, After Emma
After Rowena
Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, PG
The following morning and Bernard needs to get rid of Rowena
Inspired by the strangely sad episode 'Party'

Through the Bottom of an Empty Glass
Oct 04, Manny/Bernard, NC-17
Manny prepares for a dinner party while his guests contemplate him
The Irishman, The Ex-Accountant, Their Nosy Friend and His Insecurities
Sep 04, Manny/Bernard, PG-13
Fran comes home from holiday to chaos at the shop
Manny and Bernard On A Desk Surrounded By Those Furry Things You Never See In The Episode 'Blood'
Sep 04 , Manny/Bernard, PG
Just dialogue inspired by boredom
Freddie's Place, Later That Night
Sep 04, Manny/Bernard, NC-17
Adrenaline relief after the wine-making session at Freddie's place
The Love That I Found In A Little Bookshop Off Russell Square
Sep 04, Manny/Bernard, NC-17
Bernard and Manny have a talk after the discovery of 'Big & Beardy'

more untitled by rufus the theif
Archived Oct 04 with permission - email the author
Bernard / Manny, PG 
Fran in 'unconscious scheming bears fruit' shocker

He's Leaving Home - Again by Dawn
Archived Dec 04 with permission - email the author
Bernard/Manny, NC-17

untitled by rufus the thief
Archived Oct 04 with permission - email the author
Bernard / Manny, PG
An amazing, inspired piece set back at the beginning