Slash Fiction
Please Note - These are SLASH stories - that means two men in romantic &/or sexual situations.  Proceed at your own risk.


Firing Range
snapshot in AU after Intersections, PG

set after The Lost Tales, Michael/John, PG-13

For A Day of Laughter - The Series (re-written, 2006)

For A Day of Laughter
After his rescue from Mars, Sheridan attempts to come to terms with what has happened.  But he's badly hurt and Bester hasn't finished yet.
Sheridan/Garibaldi, PG-13

Written June 2008 - a snapshot set between parts 1 and 2  (written 2008)

Serenity - For a Day Of Laughter, Part II
NC-17, Sheridan/Garibaldi
"I want to stand where my torturers stood.  I want to walk the corridors they wheeled me through, push open the doors they locked me behind, sit in the chair they trapped me in.  I need to take back what was taken from me."

The "Screw Fate" Series 2001
Sheridan and Delenn were the "right people in the rightplace at the right time".  But what if John's desires were elsewhere? 
Charting an alternative path for the 3rd series
Sheridan / Garibaldi, NC-17 - WIP

The Intersections Series
Sheridan / Garibaldi NC-17  - part vi added Jul 04 - WIP

Vicky's Challenge
from the DarkB5 list
Sheridan / Garibaldi implied, PG


The Shorts

The End

short drabble for the final episode, Sheridan / Garibaldi, PG

short bit of fluff set in season 3, Sheridan / Garibaldi, PG-13

Why Do I Always Have To Be Lois Lane?
set in WWE - Sheridan and Sinclair find common ground aboard the White Star, NC-17

Mr President
a bit of fluff written to a challenge originally posted on a CSI list, Sheridan / Garibaldi, PG-13

The Magic of Orange Blossom

.....written to lay some "Intersections" ghosts to rest....

Sheridan tries to come to terms with his experiences and the effects they have on his life.
with final scene written by Pfyre
NC17 (Sheridan/Garibaldi)

True Face of the Enemy
Garibaldi realizes there is something not quite right with his own behaviour....
m/m - NC17 (Sh/G)