by elfin

The Mountain - 0630

"Er... Jack?"

"I know.  Odd, isn't it?"

The airman on the mountain's first security checkpoint had just handed them back their passes.  Nothing unusual in that, except that he'd turned from them and continued what looked to be a very intimate conversation with the airman seated next to him.

Very intimate.

Jack and Daniel stepped into the elevator and hit the button for the 24th floor.

"Is that my old jacket?"

Daniel looked down at himself, at the battered brown leather jacket he'd thrown on this morning.  "Yes."

"Cool.  Suits you."

Otherwise they rode the elevator down in a companionable silence, one Jack had found he could only share with Daniel.

As the doors opened at the 24th floor, two SFs walked passed talking to one another about a security breach in the base network.  Nothing strange at all.  Just that they were holding hands....

Daniel glanced at Jack.


"Did I miss another memo?"  

Slightly cautiously they headed for the locker rooms.  

"Err....  Um...."

Very rarely did Jack back away from any situation.  Not anymore, anyway.  But what he saw stopped him in his tracks.  Captain Joe Gates and Major Chris Letts of SG-14 were up against the lockers, arms wrapped tightly around one another, kissing like it was the end of the world.


"Yeah, um...."  Backing into the corridor they turned and headed back to the elevator.  "Mind you...."

"Stop thinking, Jack."


They found Hammond in his office on the red phone.

"...yes, Sir.  It's absolutely contained, Sir."  He looked up and waved Jack and Daniel in, looking more relieved to see them than they were to see him.  Alone.  "Of course, Sir."  He racked the receiver and smiled up at the two members of SG1.

"What the hell is going on?" Jack started without preamble.

"Sorry to call you in on your day off, Colonel, but as you might have noticed we're having a few... problems."


"Doctor Fraiser's looking into it with Major Carter's help, but it seems that SG-14 brought something back from PX6-890.  When they stepped through the Stargate they were all holding hands."

'It's gone waaay beyond that now.'  But Jack kept the thought to himself and followed the General out into the briefing room.  

"I've called a briefing at 0700.  It'll give you and Dr Jackson time to grab a coffee."

Jack didn't have to look around to know that Daniel's eyes had lit up.  "An excellent idea, General."  He grinned and turned.  Daniel was already half way down the stairs and Jack set off in hot pursuit.

~ ~ ~

The Commissary - 0650

Getting a coffee wasn't as easy as it should have been and usually was.  

Sure there was a fresh pot just waiting to be emptied by the base's most feared caffeine addict, but the path to it wasn't exactly clear.

Breakfast had turned into some sort of love-in.  As eye-opening and refreshing as it was for Daniel to see military personnel getting in touch with their softer sides, he could have done with a coffee hit first.

Coping slightly better than Jack, who was still standing in the doorway with his mouth hanging open, Daniel wove his way through the small throng of airmen and women and lifted a mug from behind Captains Mayer and Franklin.

"Excuse me," he said to no one in particular.  The two captains were definitely not even aware of him.  Whatever SG-14 had brought back through the gate with them, it was spreading like wildfire.

With a large mug of coffee cradled in his asbestos hands, Daniel returned to Jack's side.

"Well this is different."

Daniel blew over the surface of his drink and nodded, eyes sparkling.  Jack smiled back.

"Shall we?"

With a flourish, Jack bade Daniel take point.  His motivations were entirely selfish.  He'd just noticed the way that the tight dark jeans hugged the archaeologist's ass.

~ ~ ~

1st Briefing, 0700

"It appears that we have an infection spreading throughout the base, Sir."

Doctor Fraiser spoke with clear conviction and Jack had to give it to her, she was probably right.  Unless there was some alternative reason for her to be leaning further into Carter's chair than Carter was.  

He watched them with undisguised interest until Daniel kicked him hard in the shin.



"Yeah, General...."  He shot a malicious glance at Daniel next to him then turned and flashed an award-winning smile at Hammond.  "So... what do we do?"

Janet rubbed her hand down Carter's arm.  "I've started to take blood samples from as many subjects as I can get to sit still for two minutes.  But I need samples of uninfected blood."

"Then it looks like I'm your best bet, Doctor."  All eyes settled on the General.  "I haven't been infected."

Jack hid his relief.  Janet didn't bother.  "Really?  That's great, Sir!"

"Sorry, Doc, General, but... how do you know you're not infected?  Sir?""

'Brave question, Danny!'  Jack couldn't resist studying the expressions that flashed across his CO's face.

But Hammond was smiling indulgently.  "Believe me, Son, I think I'd know if I was feeling... libidinous."

'I think the whole base would know,' Jack thought to himself, considering the last time something like this happened.  At least this time no one seemed to be running the show.  Thoughts of Hathor sent shivers down his spine.  Unable to stop himself he looked directly at Daniel whose concentration was, thank God, being pushed to its limits by Fraiser leaning ever closer to Carter.  

It was lucky for Jack, because it was a few moments before he could tear his eyes away from the man sitting at his side.  He could feel heat in his groin, his libido's interest increasing with each beat of his heart.

"Christ," he muttered to himself and tore his eyes from Daniel forcing himself to look instead at the General, who was trying to keep Fraiser's attention.


Janet's head snapped around and she nodded.  "Yes, Sir.  If you'd accompany me to the Infirmary...?"

Carter, who hadn't said a word for the entire briefing, followed the doctor to her feet.  

She glanced at the Colonel and then at Daniel, her gaze suddenly predatory.  Jack saw it and swung into full protective mode with a sideline in jealousy.  He answered Carter's unspoken question with a glare and moved his chair closer to the other man's.

Daniel glanced between them.  "Jack...?"  But he didn't get any further.  Huge brown eyes caught his own, deep and intense, and Daniel felt his own instant response.

Something in Sam saw that and backed off.  She had her own mark after all.  

Boundaries laid, she followed the Doctor and the General out of the room.

~ ~ ~

Kel'no'reem - 0730

The room was too hot.

Several times that morning he'd asked for the temperature to be lowered but nothing had been done.

Kel'no'reem disturbed, Teal'c was finding it more and more difficult to meditate.

And it wasn't just the heat.  His mind seemed... preoccupied.  He tried to think of the wide, clear plains of Chulak and instead found he could only focus his mind on the physical attributes of his teammates.

He had always found them each attractive for their own qualities and their connection with him, but never had he realised how deeply they had all touched him.

O'Neill was a great warrior.  

Among Jaffa warriors there was a great kinship to be found and celebration of a battle well won often included the sharing of mutual pleasure.  At first he had considered telling O'Neill of that tradition and inviting him to join Teal'c in just such an act of brotherly bonding.  But Earth culture was so very different and, after a short time, Teal'c had come to understand that such pleasure shared between two of the same sex was frowned upon by the Tau'ri military.  Therefore he had kept the desire to himself.

It moved him to contemplate DanielJackson.  

They shared a pain that ran deep inside them.  There was hurt between them that would have healed faster with a joining of their bodies.  But the time had never felt right to broach the subject and the longer he had been a member of SG1 the more the came to realise that should he ever suggest it, O'Neill would very likely remove his head with a staff weapon.

That left Major Carter.  

She was beautiful to him; her mind and her body.  She appeared to have enjoyed the early stages of the mating ritual, although he understood that it could have been due to her not knowing what his gentle advances had been.  

At the start he had sought to discover O'Neill's intentions toward her, sensing that maybe he too was considering initiating relations.  But after a short time that particular competition had melted away.  The Tok'ra, Martouf, and the Tollan, Nireem, were the only ones that remained vying for her affections and they were not likely to exact any sort of revenge, as O'Neill would if Teal'c made a move on DanielJackson.

Mind made up, Teal'c unfolded himself from his comfortable position and started to extinguish the candles.

~ ~ ~

Infirmary - 0740

"Have there been many casualties, Doctor?"

Hammond looked around at the people milling about the Infirmary as he sat on one of the beds and rolled up his sleeve.

Preparing the syringe, glancing behind her to see Carter hovering in the doorway, Fraiser nodded.

"Due to the way the contagion spread, Sir, some personnel were affected earlier than others.  These are mostly those earliest affected."  

Hammond didn't get it.  "Doctor?"

"They tried to... come on to one of the uninfected, Sir, and were... dissuaded."


On closer inspection, the worst injury appeared to be Lieutenant Crow's broken nose.

"He grabbed Major Carter's ass in the early hours of this morning, Sir," Fraiser explaied, readying the General for the blood sample.

Hammond wisely waited until she'd finished before asking his next question.  "You're infected, Doctor.  How long do you think you can carry on working?"

Fraiser hesitated.  "As long as I keep concentrating I think I'll be fine.  It doesn't completely take you over, it's more... suggestive."

Nodding, Hammond smiled approvingly.  "Let me know if you have any luck."

"I will, Sir."

Watching him go, she handed the sample to a nurse and mooched over to Sam.

"I saw you eyeing up Daniel," she murmured, lips close to the other woman's earlobe.

Sam moved her head, side to side, bringing Janet's lips in contact with her skin for a moment.  "The Colonel's in full proprietary mode."

"In that case," Sam shivered at the soft breath into her ear, "Daniel had better watch his ass."

The warning insinuated a crude yet thoroughly sexy image in the Major's mind and she groaned softly.  Never in her life had she felt this turned on.  Both women twisted slightly, cheeks touching briefly, lips brushing.

"I should... really get back to work," Fraiser stammered without too much conviction.

Smiling, Sam nodded very slowly, eyes glancing from Janet's heated gaze to her parted lips.  "Mind if I stay?"

An answering smile spread over Janet's face.  "Not at all."

~ ~ ~

Daniel's Office - 0900

Using Daniel's coffee maker was safer than risking the commissary again.  It also gave Jack the privacy he needed to make his move.

His libido had been notching up with every swing of Daniel's hips in front of him.  He felt hot, his skin prickling under his clothes.

They hadn't dared go near the locker room again.  All over the base the effects of the infection were escalating.  It meant that they hadn't managed to change and were still in civies.  Daniel's tight jeans and his black shirt under that leather jacket had Jack almost drooling to get a taste of what was underneath it all.

It was just a matter of timing.  Jack could only hope that Daniel was feeling the same way.

He closed the door and pressed his back to it, watching while his mark dug out the coffee and set the machine.

Crossing the office in a couple of strides, Jack lined his body against Daniel's, bringing them together shin to shin, knee to knee, thigh to thigh, groin to ass, stomach to back, shoulder to shoulder.

Daniel started, tried to back up from the table and found himself trapped.

"Err....  Jack?"

"Come on. Danny."  His voice was low and husky, mouth close to the back of Daniel's neck as he breathed in the scent of the other's hair.


"You know you want to."

Daniel's hand tightened in reflex on the handle of the coffee-pot.  

He could feel Jack so close behind him, feel the warmth in the strong hand that stroked slowly down his arm to his own where it was pressed against the table's surface.  Jack insinuated his fingers between Daniel's, spreading them, while dropping a kiss to the nape of Daniel's neck.

"Everyone's at it."  Jack's lips lingered against the hot skin.

"Doesn't mean we have to be...."  But Daniel could hear the inevitability in his own voice as his denial became a low moan under the assault of Jack's mouth on his neck.

"Tell me to stop, I'll stop."

The word was on Daniel's lips but he couldn't say it.  Pressing back, he rubbed his ass against Jack's rock hard erection.

Relieved, Jack moved his other hand around to unbutton the black shirt and touch bare skin at last.

Daniel groaned, fingers tightening between Jack's.  He dropped his head forward, then back and turned to steal a first, hungry kiss.  

Lips collided with teeth and Daniel tasted blood but he didn't care.  His own cock was aching, straining in his tight jeans and he hissed with relief when Jack shifted his attention there.

"Turn around."  The words were whispered into his ear over hot breath.  Daniel did as he was ordered, turning to meet the intense chocolate gaze.  "I have to have you."

Stormy blue eyes swept over Jack's clothed body before freed hands went to the base of the black T-shirt and pulled it up.  Jack reached up, letting Daniel tear the T from him.  Just as desperately, he unfastened the remaining buttons of Daniel's shirt and brought them chest to chest, skin to skin as they melted into a deep kiss.

Daniel dug his hand into Jack's jeans, popping the button fly open to fill his palm with the heat of lusty arousal.

"Where's your underwear?"  Daniel found the presence of mind to question.

Jack grinned.  "In my locker."

Daniel ran his thumb along the base of the cock in his hand, pressing the tips of his fingers into the other's perineum.  "God, you feel good."

"You two, Danny.  Jeez, you too."  

Jack's hands were everywhere, skimming his chest and back, kneading his shoulders, finally - finally - on Daniel's ass.

"Fuck me."


"Don't tell me you don't want to."  Jack's voice was teasing, his words seducing.  "It doesn't make you hard, just the thought of it?  Taking Colonel O'Neill up the ass on the base where he's second-in-command?  Knowing anyone could walk in and see us?"

Daniel swallowed, eyes raking across Jack's face, lingering on his mouth.  "They'd probably try to join in."

"Only you.  Just want you."  Gently biting Daniel's bottom lip, Jack looked around.  His eyes settled on the desk and motioned to the man whose hand was down his pants.  

Daniel nodded and freed himself, clearing his desk with one sweep of his arm after quickly checking that the only thing hitting the hard floor would be paperwork.

Jack kicked his jeans off and leaned over the desk, waving his butt in the air.  But rather than Daniel jumping on him, fucking him hard and fast, he felt gentle hands on his buttocks.


"Need to lubricate you...."

In the few seconds it took Jack to work out what exactly that meant, Daniel's fingers had parted his cheeks and a strong tongue was trailing a wet path between them.

Jack made a strangled, inarticulate sound as the wet muscle pushed against his anus, sliding unstoppably inside him.

"Daniel... Daniel....  God!"  The sensation was incredible.  Jack's breath hitched and caught.  He was unable to move against the intimate pressure.

Daniel gripped Jack's hips, desperate not to cause any pain but unsure how much longer he could wait.  His cock was painfully hard.


"Do it, Daniel!"

He didn't have to be told twice.  Pushing his jeans and boxers down over his hips, kicking them off his feet, Daniel straightened and held his cock in a trembling hand, again uncertain.


"Believe me, Danny, I want this.  Want you!"

Daniel almost came as he slid inside Jack's tight heat.  The pressure was exquisite and the sight of them....  He crewed his eyes closed and tried to find some piece of his shredded self-control.

Jack was as far from finding his own control as he'd ever been.  He was unconsciously holding his breath, freaked muscles at once gripping and pushing at the cock inside him.

"Breathe, Jack."  It was an almost-squeak as Daniel was practically castrated by the squeezing anus around the top of his dick.  "Breathe."  He stroked both hands over the strained back.  "Breathe.  Please."

Painfully slowly, Jack relaxed and in turn so did his muscles.  Daniel swiped at his eyes with his fingers, spreading salty tears over his cheeks.  Then he started to move, slowly at first, pushing all the way in before pulling all the way out.  

Jack's moans became a litany of pleas, Daniel's name and a string of bright swear words.

The sound of it, the shape of his name pronounced in Jack's earthy tones drove him close to the edge.  He watched himself as he moved, watched in awe as he disappeared inside the amazing body so open to him.  Every move fired tiny sparks along his nerves.  He could only hope Jack was feeling the same.

Desperate to know, he reached around and took his lover's cock into his hand.  To his relief, Jack was hard as steel and started to rock through his fist the moment Daniel closed it.

"Danny....  Oh Jeez....  Daniel!"  It didn't take long.  Jack came, all over Daniel's hand, all over his desk.  A heartbeat later, Daniel spilt himself in ribbons deep inside his colonel's body.

"Have to move...."  He spoke by way of an explanation as he carefully withdrew.

"That was... that was mind-blowing, Babe."  Jack turned as soon as he could, gathering Daniel's trembling body into his arms.

"Babe?"  But the pique in his voice was lost when he buried his face in Jack's shoulder.  He felt so hot, the sweat burning on his skin.

"You okay, Daniel?"

He hesitated.  "Yeah....  Yeah."  He tried to pull away but Jack wouldn't let him go.  "What we just did...."

"...was crazy.  I'm crazy.  About you."

Jack covered Daniel's mouth with his own and sank them into a deep kiss.

~ ~ ~

Corridor - 1000

"Hey, Teal'c!"

Jack took three bouncy paces and ended up directly behind the Jaffa.  For a horrible moment, Daniel thought he was going to pinch the big man's ass.  But he seemed content with patting him heartily on the shoulder.

"How ya doin'?"

Teal'c studied both of them carefully, raising one eyebrow at their informal dress and frankly ravished appearances.  

"I am in search of Major Carter."

Daniel caught up with them and was surprised when Jack sneaked an arm around his waist and pulled him possessively close.

Teal'c eyes narrowed dangerously.  

"Are you well, DanielJackson?"

Daniel smiled smugly at Jack's grieved expression.

"I'm fine, Teal'c.  Jack's just being unusually tactile this morning."  Jack grinned but didn't loosen his hold.  "As for Sam, I think you'll find her with Doctor Fraiser.  They were very..."

"...affectionate," Jack supplied helpfully.

"...in the briefing first thing."

Teal'c considered that.  "Are you saying Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser were..."

"...making out?"

Daniel shot Jack a warning glare.  "Janet was just getting friendly with Sam."  It sounded weak even to his own ears.

Teal'c tilted his head to one side in thought.  "I will investigate the situation further."  

The other two shared a long, questioning glance.  "Actually, Teal'c... I think we'll come with."  

Daniel could barely believe Jack's tenacity, despite - or maybe because of - the circumstances.  But he had to admit the idea of catching Janet and Sam in a compromising position did have its merits.  Several of them in fact.

Teal'c started along the corridor toward the infirmary.  "It has been my experience that humans do not often share their partners."

Jack's fingers spread over Daniel's hip.  "You betcha."  

There was a warning in his tone that Daniel didn't consider completely necessary.  But he found himself expectedly blushing, barely able to believe the image that his fogged mind had conjured out of its sordid depths.  He and Jack and Teal'c....

No.  No way.

In an utterly tenacious gesture of his own, he wrapped one arm around Jack's waist and tucked his fingers into the back pocket of Jack's jeans.  It was worth it just to see the gigawatt smile that crossed the Colonel's face.

They reached the infirmary a few minutes later.  Most of the early casualties had gone, leaving two patients, or maybe a patient and one of the medics, with a bed all to themselves.

Daniel tried not to stare.  "Wow."  


"Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser are not here."

"Err... no."

They ducked out of the infirmary and carried on to Fraiser's lab.  Teal'c knocked while Daniel and Jack both tried to peer through the small wire-grided window in the door at the same time.


"Holy smokin'...."

Teal'c elegantly shoved them both out of the way and looked inside.

Janet was sitting at her desk, her chair pushed back, Sam astride her.  Carter's hands were either side of Janet's face, fingers touching the edges of her eyes.  Their mouths were sealed together, faces moving, roaming, restless.

Janet's hands were on Sam's hips but they too were moving, stroking, fingers searching.  The two women were only just getting started, only just finding out about one another.  It was an erotic sight.

After a long silence, Teal'c turned to the other two.  

"Do you think that Doctor Fraiser will share?"

Jack pretended to think about it, trying to ignore the pulsing heat in his groin and the sudden acute awareness of Daniel pressed into his side.  He shook his head

"I doubt it, buddy.  Sorry."

"Then a different course of action is required."

Jack wasn't interested, wasn't even listening.  His hand had moved of its own accord to curl around the back of Daniel's neck, tilting that gorgeous face up and into an obscene open-mouthed kiss.

Daniel was as turned on as he was, despite their coupling less than half an hour ago.  He needed to find somewhere private.  His wondered if he could remember where his office was.

Teal'c watched Jack and Daniel for a while, curious.  Unashamedly aroused.  

His teammates, it seemed, were not an option.  So he thought about others on the base he knew and respected.  He could only come up with one alternative.

And that was General Hammond.

~ ~ ~

General Hammond's Office - 1020

Hammond looked up and smiled.

"Come in, Teal'c.  What can I do for you?"

Teal'c stepped inside the office and closed the door, clasping his hands behind his back.

"When in service to the Goa'uld, it was a Jaffa's duty to ensure his God's every need was met."

Sitting back, the General frowned.  "You don't serve anyone now, Teal'c."

"I serve under Colonel O'Neill, who serves under you.  You are the commander of this base and I've pledged my loyalty to the Tau'ri.  To you, General."

Hammond suddenly realised where this was going.

"Teal'c, you don't need to do anything to prove your loyalty to me or to Earth.  You've done so on many occasions."

Teal'c stepped closer to the desk.  "As well as being my duty, it would also be my pleasure.  George."

Unsure of how far the Jaffa would go without permission, worried about the exact affects of the infection and knowing he wouldn't be able to do much about it if Teal'c pushed the issue, Hammond slowly reached for the sidearm he kept in a hidden compartment between the two drawers of his desk.

But Teal'c didn't approach further.  "You are a most attractive man.  On my world, one with your strength and leadership would be celebrated and honoured.  Of all those I have met while in service of the Tau'ri, none are more deserving of what I offer."

"Teal'c...."  Hammond stalled.  How did one turn down the sexual advances of a Jaffa?  Then he realised, wryly, that not many probably had.  "I think... Colonel O'Neill is more deserving of your attention, as it's he who's your team leader."

It was the coward's way out, he knew, and he wasn't going to receive any thanks for it later.  But Jack would be able to tell Teal'c to back off in no uncertain terms and not leave any hard feelings between them.

"Colonel O'Neill has made his feelings very clear."

Has he now?  Hammond felt unexpectedly hurt.  "I wasn't the first one to cross your mind?"  He metaphorically smacked himself upside the head.  What was he thinking?!

"O'Neill is not yet ready to share DanielJackson with anyone."

Hammond wanted to laugh out loud.  No kidding?!  Jack had bunny-burner potential at the best of times but if he'd managed to actually get his hands on Doctor Jackson he'd be like a kid with the best new toy in town.

"It's the infection, Teal'c.  It's making everyone act like this... including you."

"You believe that is the only reason I am making this offer?"

He tried to be as gentle as possible.  "I know it is."

"And do you believe that is it the only reason Colonel O'Neill and DanielJackson are physically expressing their affection for one another today?"

"Yes, I do."  

He didn't want to think about afterwards.  What the hell was going to happen when Doctor Fraiser found a cure and everyone realised?  Obviously there would be no official repercussions, but personally... Hammond was sure that Doctor Jackson and the colonel weren't the only ones who would be having a long talk once all this was over.

"Maybe then you would allow me to honour you physically, as Colonel O'Neill is honouring DanielJackson."

Hammond pressed his thumb and index finger into his eyes.  "Teal'c....  Please.  I have a lot of paperwork to complete.  If you want to help me, go up to the Infirmary and check how Doctor Fraiser's doing."

"The last time I saw her, she was 'doing' Major Carter."

Hammond's eyes widened.  Standing, he marched around his desk and out of the door.  It was as good an excuse as any to get the hell out of his own office.

~ ~ ~

Jack's Office - 1020

Lying back on the paper-strewn surface of Jack's desk, Daniel struggled with his jeans.  "I can't believe how horny I am..." he muttered, eyes locked with Jack's.

"I can't believe I'm keeping up with you."

Jack kicked his own pants across the floor to join his shirt and shoes.  He reached out, hand possessively spreading over Daniel's abdomen as it was revealed.  

"Give me a hand here!"

Grinning, Jack grabbed the bottom of the other man's jeans and yanked them off the long legs.  He licked his lips at the incredibly erotic sight of Daniel's penis hard and erect, waiting for him.

Grabbing Daniel's thighs, Jack pushed him further onto the desk and leaned over him, taking his dick deep into his throat.

Daniel yelled his surprise, hands flying to Jack's head and hovering just above the greying hair.

"Oh... oh God...."

Lifting his hand, Jack caught Daniel's and flattened it to his own scalp, pushing his own nose further into his lover's groin.  The sudden, hot peel of laughter was a joy to hear and Jack grinned around the thick cock between his lips.

His silent command of hair play being followed, Jack slid his hands under Daniel's ass and lifted him bodily, digging his fingers into firm cheeks as he sucked on his treat, hard, from tip to base.  

Daniel came fiercely, pushing as far down Jack's throat as he could get before letting go.  Jack swallowed all of it, continuing to lap at the cock in his mouth as it went limp, sending shudder after shudder through Daniel's sated body.

"Stop, stop!"  The breathless plea was finally answered when Jack raised his head and used strong hands to lift Daniel legs to his shoulders.  The height of his desk was perfect.  

Sticking two fingers in his mouth, he wet them crudely and pressed inside Daniel's utterly pliant body.  Daniel moaned, spreading his thighs wider, hooking his ankles together somewhere behind Jack's head.

"Slut."  It was a heated, adoring murmur.

Daniel smiled.  "For you."

Jack chuckled before palming his rigid dick and positioning the unyielding head against Daniel's tight anus.  Sliding his hands down to grip the other's hips, he pressed forward, sliding into slick heat.

There was a wooden crack as Daniel dropped his head back to the desk and dug his fingernails into the varnished surface.  Jack was being careful, gentle, considerate, all those things he obviously felt he needed to be.

"Jesus, Jack, harder!"

Jack's words came in panted breaths.  "Only trying to be a gentleman, Daniel."  He quickened the pace, thrusting deep, withdrawing, then impaling Daniel's ass again.  And again.  His hands held the narrow hips tighter as he drew out and paused before ramming back inside.  

Neither cared about Daniel's cry as his body rocked with the pleasure and his nerves sparked with the pain.  Jack felt huge inside him, filling him, going deep with each thrust.  Suddenly one of his hips was released and his cock taken in an iron grasp.

"Jack!"  He lifted his head, desperate to see them joined, the sweat on Jack's face and chest, the movement of his hips between Daniel's own welcoming thighs, the strong hand on his straining penis.  They made an erotic sight, but one Daniel hadn't the strength to keep watching for long.  He dropped back and shifted his hips upward slightly.

Jack's next thrust struck his prostate and he came again violently, coating Jack's hand.

Jack wasn't far behind him.  He'd wanted to hang on, to keep pounding into Daniel's ass for as long as the other man would let him.  But he couldn't.

The exquisite pleasure of his climax left him dazed for a few moments.  His knees wanted to collapse but he refused to break the connection between he and Daniel.  He forced himself to stay standing, to feel the strange sensation of his dick softening inside the wet, slick channel of Daniel's ass.

Daniel looked incredible, lying there on the desk.  Jack had always hated this office, now he would never be able to forget what they'd done here.

"Jack?"  There was definite concern and no little worry in that voice.

"I'm okay, Daniel.  I'm way better than okay, in fact."  Slowly, he eased himself from Daniel's body and limped over to drop onto the leather couch against the far wall.

Raking his gaze over his lover's body, he beckoned.  "Come 'ere."


"Here."  Daniel pushed himself up cautiously, feeling the damp stickiness on the inside of his thighs.  Warily, he padded over to Jack and stood in front of him, inadvertently waving his sated but still full cock close to the colonel's face.

"The miracle of youth," Jack muttered wanly.

Daniel frowned.  "Hardly."

Jack reached out and put his hands behind Daniel's knees, pulling him forward, directing him to straddle his legs.  Daniel did as he was being coaxed to do, again opening his legs for this man.

Settling his lover over his lap, Jack raised one hand to curl around the nape of Daniel's neck and ease him down into an open and deep kiss.  The other he reached between the muscled thighs and with his middle finger found the relaxed muscle of Daniel's anus, wet with his own cum.

Daniel groaned loudly when he was penetrated yet again.  Jack swallowed the sound as easily as he'd swallowed Daniel's semen not so long before.  Could they make it three orgasms?  Jack knew he was definitely sitting this one out.  But Daniel was obviously not.  

As Jack pushed three fingers as far up inside as he could, scissoring them out a little, twisting his hand to find that oh-so-sweet spot, Daniel's penis hardened further.

"You're incredible," Jack breathed, breaking the kiss for only a moment.

"Never felt this... fucking hot."

"Good."  Feeling infinitely jealous of anyone who'd ever had Daniel in the past, Jack wanted this to be the best.  He wanted to give Daniel something to remember during all the bad times that were still waiting to happen to them.  "Not just about... fucking, Danny...."

Daniel didn't answer.  He covered Jack's mouth again and thrust his tongue inside.

~ ~ ~

Corridor - 1130

Major Paul Davies was worried.  

There didn't seem to be a single soldier on the base who hadn't lost their mind.  Everyone seemed to be indulging in quite natural but professionally highly irregular sexual activity with another soldier.  Or in a couple of cases, more than one other.

The base was under quarantine from outside.  The personnel on the surface didn't seem to have been affected.  But no one could contact anyone on levels any lower than sixteen and Paul had volunteered to risk going in.

He'd been told to report to General Hammond on arrival, but the General wasn't in his office.  The Infirmary was empty but he'd found Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser getting to know one another a lot better in the doctor's office.

Now he was concerned about Daniel.  They were friends.  Any of the hard-assed military types on the base could be laying into him right now and Daniel could be letting them without even knowing it.  

But the civilian wasn't in his office.  Paul's last hope was Colonel O'Neill.  It had taken him half an hour to find the colonel's office.

Despite knocking, there was no answer.

Finally, thinking that there was no harm in it, Paul opened the door and peered inside.

He froze.

Sweat broke out all over his suddenly-too-hot body.  

They were on the couch.  Both naked.  

Daniel was straddling the colonel, his long fingers carded into his team leader's hair.  His head was thrown back, eyes closed, lips moving over sounds that made no sense.  

It was obvious where the colonel's hands were.  One pumping Daniel's penis while the other fucked him hard and fast.

Paul tried to move, tried to not watch, but he couldn't send the signal to his feet.  His mouth was dry and he licked his lips, swallowing reflexively.

Nothing could have shifted him from the spot at that moment.  

Nothing, that was, except Colonel O'Neill turning his head menacingly slowly and pinning him with a stare that was at once furious and deadly, possessive and protective.  It told Paul loud and clear to get the fuck out of his office and not to say a word to anyone.  Ever.

As quietly as he could with his hands shaking, Paul closed the door and leaned back against it.  He closed his eyes and saw a perfect rendition of what he'd just witnessed.  Daniel was as sexual, as sensual and as beautiful as Paul had imagined he would be and Jack O'Neill had him.

With a tremulous sigh, Paul started down the corridor, no idea where he was going.

~ ~ ~

Briefing Room - 1200

Having forcibly parted Sam and Janet, General Hammond was more than happy to stay around and assist.  Teal'c had offered to take care of Major Carter but she had refused to leave, preferring to also help out.  That way she could touch Janet whenever the Doctor passed by.

Foiled, Teal'c left them to it.  He made his way to the Control Room in the vague hope that he would find someone to share the thrum of arousal pulsing through him with every beat of his heart.

In the Control Room, Technician Davis and Sergeant Siler were deeply involved with one another and the Stargate control computer.

Teal'c ignored them and headed up the stairs into the Briefing Room.  There, he saw Major Davies enter through the opposite doorway.

The Jaffa smiled broadly, instantly putting Paul on his guard.  He crossed the room slowly but in long strides.

"Major Davies."

"Teal'c."  Paul brought himself to attention, almost.  "I just saw...."  Something stopped him from finishing.  He didn't want to get Colonel O'Neill in trouble for Daniel's sake.

"What did you just see?"  

"More... who."

"Colonel O'Neill and DanielJackson?"

Paul sighed with relief.  "I know everyone here's infected with something but he... I mean, the Colonel....  He wouldn't hurt Daniel, would he?"

Teal'c tipped his head to one side.  "Was DanielJackson in pain?"

"No....  No."  He wished the images would only skit across his mind when he thought about what he'd seen, but they didn't.  They stayed in the forefront of his brain in glorious Technicolor.  What he'd witnessed most definitely hadn't been rape.  Daniel had been in the full throes of ecstasy and Paul was insanely jealous of Colonel O'Neill.

"You desire DanielJackson?"

Paul started.  Teal'c was close now, only a foot or so away.  Paul could see the muscles rippling under the tight black T-shirt and green fatigues.  He felt hot again, all over.  His uniform was clinging to him.

"Yes," he admitted, eyes working their way over the big body before him.  

"As do I.  But it would not be wise to do battle with O'Neill.  He is, in my experience, unreasonably possessive."

"And Daniel... likes him."  Paul sighed, defeated.


"Uh...."  Paul knew he was staring, but he couldn't help it.  "Maybe... you and I could... drown our loss in one another."  He couldn't remember ever being so poetic.

A slow smile spread over Teal'c's full lips.

~ ~ ~

Control Room - 1300

The klaxon startled everyone on Level 26, not just Siler, whose ass was dangerously close to the keyboard for the Gate control computer at the time, or Davis who was above him.

The computer monitor was announcing an incoming wormhole.


Davis took a step back and fell, his pants around his ankles making it impossible to stop himself from hitting the deck.  Momentarily shocked by the routine alarm, Siler yanked his own pants up but didn't go as far as to fasten them.

Dragging himself to his feet, Davis made an effort to hurriedly dress before leaning on the console next to Siler and trying to read what the monitor was reporting.  He was still impossibly hard and to make matters worse they could hear footsteps on the metal stairs that led down from the Briefing Room.


Davis swore softly as Hammond appeared at his back.

"I thought this base was supposed to be under quarantine, Sergeant."

Screwing his eyes closed, Davis tried desperately to think of a response.  They'd been in the process of locking down the base when they'd become... distracted.

"Sorry, Sir," was all he could manage.

Hammond sighed, steadfastly ignoring the airmen's state of undress.  This was not a good time for visitors but maybe the Tok'ra would have some clue as to how to deal with this infection.  And even if they didn't Hammond knew he'd appreciate the backup.
He just hoped it wasn't Jacob, for Carter's sake.  And Fraiser's.

"Open the iris.  And Siler?  Put that away before you electrocute yourself."

~ ~ ~

Gate Room - 1303

By the time Hammond made it into the gate room, the wormhole was open.  There were a couple of seconds - time for the iris to be unfurled - before someone stepped through on to the ramp.


Hammond shook his head with a smile.  "Jacob, of all the times you could have picked."  But he muttered the words under his breath and approached, arms wide.

"Jacob!  It's good to see you.  Bad timing though. "

"You too, George."  Only when the ex-General reached the base of the ramp did Hammond notice the flush to his cheeks.  "Need your help I'm afraid, only don't tell Jack."  He was laughing, but his humour soon faded.  "What did you mean, bad timing?"

"The base in supposed to be under quarantine.  We've got an infection and it's spreading like wildfire."

Jacob sighed.  "You too?"

Hammond's eyes widened.  "The Tok'ra have been infected?"

"Is everyone being more... affectionate toward one another than usual?"

Hammond nodded.  "We had an operative off-world.  It took less than twelve hours after he returned for it to spread through the base."

"Same here.  A team brought it back through the gate.  I seem to be the only one who hasn't caught it.  The place is in chaos!"

Jacob rubbed his face.  "You think you've got it bad?  There's two of us per body and we don't share the same taste in partners!"

Hammond resisted the urge to chuckle.  "Doctor Fraiser's working on it right now."

"Can we go see how she's doing?"

"Sure."  But he hesitated.  "Er, Jacob...."

But he'd already figured it out.  "Sam."

"Yes.  As I said, everyone's been affected."

Jacob nodded.  "If Jack lays...."

The gate room door slid open noisily and the man in question wondered in with his arm snaked around the waist of the man by his side.

"If Jack lays what?"  He grinned, Daniel's hand sitting comfortably in the back pocket of his jeans.  "Generals."

Jacob frowned, thinking quickly about what he was seeing and trying to quash his natural paternal instinct toward Daniel.  He was a grown man after all and definitely not Jacob's responsibility.  Instead, he pointed from one to another and asked the obvious.  "Are you two...?"

Jack's grin increased in wattage,  "Oh yeah."

"So... Sam?"

Hammond cleared his throat.  "Well... you know that Major Carter and Doctor Fraiser have been friends for a long time...."

Jack and Daniel watched Jacob and Hammond leave the gate room and the heavy metal door slide shut behind them.

Tightening his arm, Jack pulled Daniel around to face him, covering his lover's mouth with his own, slipping his tongue inside.  He knew when Daniel looked up to check no one was watching from the gallery.  Or maybe....


"Siler and Sergeant Davis."

"Well, I'd rather not...."

"No, look!"

Jack followed Daniel's line of sight and saw to his amazement Siler's head against the control room's observation window.  Just to his right, Davis was leaning back, eyes closed.

"Jeez, this place has gone berserk."

Turning Daniel's head with one finger, Jack brought his attention back to where he believed it should definitely be.

"You know... before all this I'd already blown you, here on the base."

Daniel's eyes widened in an 'yeah, right' expression.  "I think I'd remember, Jack!"  

Shaking his head once, Jack curved his hand around the nape of Daniel's neck, pushing his fingers into the soft hair at the base of the sculptured scalp.  "Remember the time loop thing?"  He spoke, his lips so close to Daniel's that the other man could feel their movement.

"How could I forget?  You snogged Sam."

Jack couldn't help but smile at the abject jealousy in his lover's voice.  "Yessss."  Moving closer, he kissed a wet trail along Daniel's jaw.  "In one loop.  No problems admitting to that, Danny.  Had I told them what I did with you.  I'd have been court-martialled."

Tightening his arms around Jack's waist, Daniel put that thought right out of his mind.  He closed his eyes, seeing nothing, feeling only Jack.  "Tell *me*."  

Lips passed tantalisingly over his throat, stopping, sucking lightly.  

"In Hammond's office.  I told you he'd asked to see us when I knew he was busy talking to Fraiser about Teal'c and me."  

Hands stroked down his lean back, fingers following the curve of his lover's spine to the base of the black shirt before pulling it from the tight jeans and edging the tips of his fingers onto bare flesh.

"I almost had to force you to sit in Hammond's chair.  You kept asking me what I was doing and I told you I wanted to show you something, wanted to make you feel incredible."

Daniel knew how that felt.  A soft moan escaped him as fingers spread over the small of his back.

"You didn't push me away, didn't tell me to stop.  Even when I got down on my knees in front of you and pulled the waistband of your BDUs down over your ass."

One strong hand cupped a firm buttock and squeezed in a very masculine way.

"I sucked you off and all you could do was encourage me.  I knew you wanted me Danny; then, now...."

Jack's fingers finally moved to Daniel's lucid cock.  They'd already done it three times in three hours!  He wasn't sure he was ready for a forth orgasm.  He wasn't sure he had it in him.

He tried to explain this to his lover, who hushed him with a kiss that was more pornographic than reassuring.  

"Not trying for number four yet," Jack told him quietly.  "Just touching.  Just loving you."

~ ~ ~

Infirmary - 1330

"So... on a scale of one to ten, just how embarrassing is it having your Dad walk in on you when you're... close to another woman?"

There was a tease in Janet's voice that Sam couldn't help but blush in reaction to.  'Close' was an understatement.  They'd been lying on the examination bed in Janet's office, half-naked, hands buried in one another's underwear.

"I think we confused him.  I'm his daughter, you're a beautiful woman.  And he is infected with... whatever the hell this is."

Janet stared at the chemical reaction happening in the bottom of the rest tube she was holding.  "It's so unfair.  All over the base people are having the time of their lives - "

"The sex of their lives."

"Yes!  And we have to work out how to stop it."

"Not even allowed any mind-blowing sex ourselves."

Not allowed, but that hadn't stopped them.  They were on or around the fifteenth orgasm when Dad had showed up and they hadn't even gotten naked yet.

Sam sighed and leaned back against the table.  "Hope Daniel's okay.  The look the colonel was giving him earlier was pure hunger."

"Starvation more like.  They both are.  Would do them good to loosen up a bit."

"I don't know.  The colonel acts like he owns Daniel as it is.  If he managed to get up his ass too...."

Janet frowned.  "You don't really think they'd... I mean, I know this infection's hard to fight but that?"

Sam shrugged.  "Why not?  You and I have had our fingers up inside...."

"Major Carter."

She spun at the sound of the rough voice.

"Teal'c!"  He was standing in the doorway, an unconscious Major Davies in his arms.  "What happened?"

The Jaffa hesitated.  Unusual in itself.  "It was... an accident.  He attempted to take my..."

Janet caught the drift.  "Penis?"

"Penis into his throat.  He was unable to breathe and passed out before I realised what he'd done."

Sam did her best not to laugh, but it was a tough challenge.

"He'll be fine, Teal'c," Janet reassured in full Doctor mode.  "Let's get him into the Infirmary and give him some oxygen.  Okay?"

~ ~ ~

Gate Room - 1400

Sitting on the ramp with a sated and frankly zoned-out Daniel Jackson in his lap, Jack was looking at the Stargate as if for the first time.

"You see it everyday."

"No, I step through it, run through it, burst through it, fall through it....  I never 'see' it, not for what it is."

"It's a piece of incredible technology."

"It brought you to me."

"Aww...."  Daniel tightened his arms around Jack's neck and hugged him even closer.  "You sap!"

"So shoot me."  His own arms felt just perfect around Daniel's waist, although his legs were starting to go to sleep.  "You're the one sitting nuzzling my hair."

"I like your hair."  The reply was muffled.

Finally Jack had to flex his thighs.  "You know, I used to be able to pick you up."

"Did not!"


"Jack, when did you ever pick me up?"

He thought about the 'Spacemonkey' incident.  Hugging his friend, lifting him off his feet in a crushing embrace born of absolute relief.  The grief hadn't had time to set in.  Same with the Jaffa pleasure palace drug.  He'd been too out of it, or possibly too wound up, to process what the dead, flat sound was coming from the monitors surrounding Daniel when he'd died.

"I took you back to the palace when you dropped dead on us."

"Janet said you threw me over your shoulder and from all the bruises I had she said you'd dropped me onto the floor on the other side.  Didn't even try CPR!  Just smacked me about until the drug snatched me back!"

It was still obviously a sore point.  No, he hadn't tried CPR.  He hadn't been thinking straight!

"Look, I'm sorry I missed out on a chance to get mouth to mouth with you.  Didn't realise you were that desperate for me."

It earned him a punch to his arm and another hug before Daniel slid from his lap.  Reaching down once he was standing, he offered Jack a hand and pulled the colonel to his feet.

"So what now?"

"Now, we go collect enough blackmail material to last an old colonel's career."

~ ~ ~

Second Briefing - 1500

Jack watched, amused, as Fraiser leaned over Carter's chair, rubbing the Major's arm absently as she spoke.  Jacob's presence was seemingly no longer having any preventative affect.

"I'm sorry, General.  I haven't managed to ascertain the cause of the infection or why it's so virulent."

"What else can we do, Doctor?"

"I have your blood sample but it would help if I could cross-match it with samples from others who aren't infected.  Usually I'd have Teal'c, but it seems that on this occasion the symbiote isn't playing ball."  She glanced wryly over at Jacob sitting at the other end of the table.

Jack ran his hand over Daniel's thigh.  Blue eyes met his own.  'Time to come clean?'  He didn't have to ask out loud to know the answer.  Daniel didn't trust the military, but he trusted Jack with everything that he was.

"We're not infected, Doc," the Colonel murmured softly.  

All eyes turned to them.  Even Hammond cracked a smile.

Fraiser, when she spoke, tried not to be too patronising.  "Sorry, Colonel.  But you are."

Jack shook his head.  "No, we're not."

"Colonel," Hammond sat forward, "you may not have noticed, but Doctor Jackson is sitting on your lap."

"Yeah.  But we're not infected."  He gave Daniel a sappy smile.  "We, err...."

"We're always like this."

"But you have been engaging in sexual intercourse all over the base."  Teal'c couldn't help pointing out.

"Like I said."

Jack tightened his arms around Daniel's waist.  The way he figured it, there would be so many sexual harassment claims to worry about after this that no one was going to bother about two guys who were actually sleeping together.

"General....  It's not the infection, it's the fact that we're just still in the first few sappy months of a new relationship."

"And you didn't say anything?!"

Jack wasn't sure if Fraiser was referring to them, or to not being infected.

"Hey, we were enjoying the freedom!  Don't usually get to do anything interesting on base!"


"Sorry."  He wasn't.  Just to have Daniel this close while around their friends had been a fantasy come true.  Today was a memory he would definitely treasure for a long, long time.  This, sitting here at the briefing table with Daniel on his knee, was amazing.  "Anyway, the point is, you can take blood samples from both of us."

"You're sure neither of you is infected?"

Jack smiled at Hammond, mentally thanking him for looking at the bigger picture.  "We're sure, General.  I have no idea what it is you're all feeling but I'm feeling exactly what I always feel around Daniel."

Sam was so far gone she wasn't hearing a word of what was being said.  She was turned, her face in the hollow of Fraiser's throat, kissing the long neck.  Hammond glanced at them, shook himself once and turned back to the two men.  He wasn't sure which couple was affecting him more.


"Same here, General.  No infection.  Just... Jack."

He was rewarded with another hug and a silent promise of more fun to come later.  If they ever got out of here.  Perhaps even if they didn't.

Hammond nodded.  "Okay.  Get yourselves off to the Infirmary."

Jack bounced his knees and Daniel rose.  Glancing at the various expressions around the table, Jack slapped his lover's ass with a grin.

~ ~ ~

Infirmary - 1530

Feeling smug, Jack watched as Janet pressed the needle into Daniel's vein.

They were sitting up on one of the beds, Jack behind with his arms wrapped securely around the man sitting between his legs.

Janet withdrew the syringe carefully.  "So... how long have you two been...?"

"Couple of months," Daniel told her, smiling.

"Four months, three weeks and two days," Jack clarified.

Daniel glanced back, his smile upping somewhat in wattage.  Then he tipped his head back and met Jack's open-mouthed kiss.

"Okay, okay!  Sheesh!"  Janet stepped back.  "It's hot enough in here as it is!"

Sam was lying on one of the other beds, watching the two men with undisguised interest.  "Teal'c said you two have been... 'at it' all over the base," she spoke up eventually.

Jack looked at her.  "Didn't think you were listening."



"Do it anywhere with cameras?"

Daniel laughed.  Really laughed.  It was a sound that never failed to go straight to Jack's dick.

Jack scowled, but Sam merely stared.

"No, Major, we didn't."

Daniel's office, Jack's office.  The gate room had cameras but Jack wasn't as dumb as he often made out.  He knew exactly where the cameras were.  They'd recorded Daniel in his lap, worst case.  Any other activity would been hidden from view; Jack's hand lovingly teasing Daniel's sated cock into wakefulness and to another long, slow climax.


Daniel turned his head.  "Paul?"

Paul?  First name terms always peeked Jack's deadly jealousy.

"Daniel?  What happened to Teal'c?"

Scowl turned to a smirk.  "Teal'c?"  

Blackmail that would keep Perfect Paul away from Daniel for a lifetime was dangling in front of Jack's nose.

Major Davies sat up, rubbing the back of his head.  He smiled automatically at Daniel before glancing at Jack.  And remembering.

He went white.  Then several shades of red.  "Oh my God....  I saw you two....  You were... and he was...."

Sam swung her legs over the side of the bed.  "You call that descriptive?!  Come on, make with the juicy details!"

But Jack's voice was louder and infinitely more authoritative.  "You were spying on us?"

"Jack, I don't think that's what he meant...."

"I was trying to find someone in command!  I went to your office, Colonel...."

"Your office?!"  Sam's mouth fell open.  "What did you do?  Bend him over the desk and take him up the ass from behind?"

The humour vanished from Jack's expression.  "You are outta line, Major."

Daniel caught the dangerous tone and could see that Sam was going to blatantly ignore it.  Or maybe she was too far gone to hear it.

Whatever, he dropped to his feet to a disappointed, "hey!" from his lover.  

Turning, he flicked his tongue deliberately across his bottom lip, grabbing Jack's sudden and undivided attention.  "Come on, Jack.  Better make the most of it before Janet finds a cure."

Three pairs of eyes watched them leave, despite the colonel's warning glare at each of them in turn before he followed after Daniel like a puppy dog.

Lying back, Sam fanned herself with her hand.  "Jeez, they're hot."  She caught Janet's raised eyebrows and tried for a little seductive smile of her own.  "Not as hot as you, Baby."

~ ~ ~

Armoury - 1550

"Don't deny you're turned on by all these P-90s."

Jack shrugged, trying for nonchalance.  Daniel's hands slowly working his fly undone was turning him on.  

Fingers curled around his hardening dick and he growled softly.

"If I open my eyes and see you caressing any of these guns, so help me, Jack...."  Daniel lowered himself, one knee then the other hitting the hard concrete floor.  He pushed his hands into Jack's jeans, long fingers curving around wide hips, mouth sliding down the hard shaft.

"Danny!  Oh... Jeez!"

Jack's brain wrapped itself around the idea of Daniel sucking him off in the armoury.  He stretched out his arms along the shelving behind him, fingertips brushing the hard, cold handles of the rack of P-90s sitting silent and deadly.

He thrust once, taking Daniel by surprise, hitting the back of his lover's throat.  Daniel moaned, low and rough, and swallowed around the thick cock, exacting his revenge for the unexpected move.

Jack howled, tipping his head forward to watch the gorgeous guy on his knees in front of him.  "Daniel... oh God, I do not deserve you."  He reached down to stroke trembling fingers through the short dark hair tickling his stomach.

In answer, Daniel sucked his cheeks in, creating almost unbearable pressure around Jack's cock.

Jack grinned, head cracking back lightly against the metal behind him.  He closed his eyes and licked his dry lips.  "Love you too, Baby."

Another non-verbal response; this time Daniel sucked Jack's foreskin to cover the cockhead before dipping his tongue into the soft hole he'd created. Then he pushed back with his lips and swiped the rough surface of his tongue over the exposed tip.

Jack came, pulsing in Daniel's mouth, spilling down his throat as he swallowed every drop, milking his lover dry.

Pressing a sensuous kiss to Jack's belly button, Daniel rose.  When he saw where Jack's other hand was - the hand that hadn't been in his hair - he raised his eyebrows.


"Umm?  Danny... that was... something else."

"I'm sure it was, but are you referring to me or the gun you're jerking off?"

~ ~ ~

Hammond's Office - 1600

"I have it, Sir.  I've tested it on myself and on Major Carter and it worked."

Hammond breathed a deep sigh of relief.  "You're sure, Doctor?"

Janet blushed just a little.  "Yes, Sir.  For some reason, the three of you have an enzyme in your blood that no one else on this base seems to have.  It's that enzyme that stopped you from getting infected."

"Any idea what it is?  Why we're the only ones with it?"

"It could be anything, Sir.  A childhood illness only you three had or didn't have, some sort of marker left in your blood by... something.  I have no idea and frankly, Sir, at this moment I don't care."

"You're right, Doctor.  The first thing is to get everyone on the base injected with the antidote.  I'm sure Colonel O'Neill and Doctor Jackson would be more than willing to assist."

"I'm sure they would, Sir.  If you can find them."

~ ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

SGC, midnight

Sam knocked quietly on the door of Janet's office.

"Come in."

Pushing the door open, she peered inside.  "Janet?  Can we... talk?"

Fraiser nodded, dropping her pen to the desk as Sam leaned on the door until it closed behind her.

"Pity the antidote didn't promote amnesia."

Janet smiled.  "I don't know.  It's not all bad."  

"Really?  What's not bad about it?"

"I've been sitting here remembering how sappy the colonel looked when he was sitting with Daniel in the infirmary."

Sam raised her eyebrows thoughtfully.  "I think Major Davies has less... sappy memories of them."



At least it had brought a smile to Sam's previously miserable face.  

"Listen, I was just thinking... maybe you'd like to go out sometime?"


"Yeah.  There's this great place in town, does the most incredible steaks."

"I think I know it."  Sam considered the offer for a moment.  She wasn't sure what the rules were, but if her CO could sleep with his civilian consultant, a member of his immediate team.  A man....  "Sure.  That'd be great."

~ ~ ~

"You're still working."

Daniel looked up with a smile.  "To be fair, I only started working three hours ago."  

Jack's hands landed on his shoulders and skilled fingers started a knowing massage.  "Want to take you home."

Leaning back, closing his eyes, he forgot about the translation in front of him.  Jack made it so damned easy.  "Sounds good to me."

Jack dropped a relieved kiss to his lover's hair.  "You been okay?"  He'd been loath to leave Daniel alone this evening, but he'd had to speak privately to the General, not only about his own situation but about any other couples that might grow out of today.

Daniel moved happily under Jack's deep touch and sighed contentedly.  "I've been fine.  Paul dropped by..." he could feel the sudden tightening of tense fingers, "... wanted to reassure me that we were still friends.  Sam was here for a while, apologising."

Jack nodded.  "She cornered me in the commissary over my cherry pie.  She could barely speak for blushing."

"I fed her coffee and cookies until she was convinced we were still solid."

"Methinks a team night out is in order."

"Yeah, about that....  We should tell them - Sam and Teal'c - officially.  Well... not officially.  But face to face."

Smiling, Jack leaned down, his arms sliding around Daniel's neck, fingers spreading over the front of his T-shirt.  "I love ya, you know."

Daniel turned his face into Jack's, brushing his lips over the other man's.  "Love you too."  Jack's mouth moved to the throat, nuzzling suggestively.

"You *can't* be serious!"

"Why not?"

"Well, there was the hour we spent in here.  The hour in your office, the gate room, the armoury - we are still going to have that talk about the armoury, by the way - and even before all that you woke me up at three this morning with your dick in my ass!"

"Who the hell's counting?"

"No excuses anymore, Jack.  We'd better take it home."

Daniel turned on his stool and leaned his elbows back on the desk behind him.  Jack swept his gaze over the gorgeous man sitting displayed before him, fully clothed this time, and wondered how he got so lucky when he saw the question mirrored in the storm blue eyes.