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Slash Fiction
Please Note - These are SLASH stories - that means two men in romantic &/or sexual situations.  Proceed at your own risk.

'The Poetry Of Magic' series

Part I: Pool Games
NC-17, m/m, be warned...

Part II: Secrets
NC-17, m/m

Smoke & Mirrors
(First Interval)

NC-17, m/m

Part III: That Night
NC-17, m/m

The Erotic Art Of Illusion
(Second Interval)

NC-17, m/m, mild s&m

Part IV: Going Deeper
NC-17, m/m

Part V: Climax
PG, m/m

Part VI: Decision
PG, m/m

Part VII: Endgame
NC-17, m/m

One Valentines Day
PG, m/m implied

NC-17, m/m (Dec 2001)

(Third Interval, Part I)

PG-13, m/m

Never Land
Set 8 years later
PG-13, m/m