by elfin

He looks like some sort of god.  Standing there, stark naked, head back, eyes closed, water coursing over him, tracing the plains of his muscled chest and taut stomach, running along the length of his quiescent cock before falling to the wet concrete.

Bronze skin, blond hair, blue eyes.  The man is the definition of sexuality.  He could tempt a sister of God.  No one, man or woman, straight, gay or otherwise could fail to at least admire the angelic beauty and knowing him – his strength, his cool, that boyish love of speed tempered with everything he’s seen and done as an adult – just makes the whole package even more fascinating.

I have to tear my eyes off him.  “Jeez, Bri….”  Face in my hands, shakin’ my head, running my fingers over my scalp.  Is it me or is it fuckin’ hot out here?

I guess it is Mexico in the summer.  And Blue Eyes isn’t helping.  He knows, the little shit, knows the effect he’s havin’ on me.  He’s playing to me.  Nothing too overt, it’s a bit early to be throwin’ this up in the other’s faces. 

But we both know.  We need to talk, sure.  Then we have a whole load of non-verbal communication to engage in.  I’m already imagining standin’ in that shower with him, twisting my fingers in that sand-blond hair plastered to his head, pressing up behind him until he turns the tables.  I cannot see Brian taking it in the ass without a hell of a lot of seduction and persuasion.  And I know if that’s gonna happen, I’m gonna have to give it up too and that’s not real appealing right now.

But he is.  I’ve been ignoring my body’s demands for longer than’s healthy.  And it’s demanding Brian.

Finally he shuts off the water and grabs for a towel he’s left close by.  For the last few months the guys – Vince and Leon – have been showering out here after a long day in the garage.  At no point has my dick sat up and taken notice.  It’s actually some kinda of relief to know it’s just Brian who has this particular effect.

I coulda been in a whole lotta trouble if I’d started to watch Vince the way I’m eatin’ up the sight of Brian right now.

“Bri… not that I don’t appreciate your presence, man, or that you’re not welcome to stay here until one of us is dead, but… why are you here?”

Roughly dryin’ his hair, leaving it stickin’ up in all directions, he ditches the towel and grabs the clean shirt and jeans he brought out from where his case is dumped inside.  He’d been drivin’ for three days – the least I could offer him was a shower.  I’ve got a cold beer waitin’ for him that he takes from my fingers and just that minimal contact sends a flare of lust along my hard, ready and more than willing dick.

He plants himself on the decking next to me, close to me, so we can have this conversation in private.

Leon and Vince are givin’ us a wide berth, have been doin’ since Brian pulled up outta nowhere about an hour ago.  They owe him just as much as I do but that doesn’t equate to instant friendship.

 “It’s complicated.”  It takes me a minute before I remember my own question.  The man’s the embodiment of distraction.

“Make it uncomplicated.”

And I know it must kill him to admit, “I think I fell in love with you.”

I admire him for just being able to say what I can’t.  “Jeez, Bri,” I can’t help the smile playing on my lips, mirroring his, “I said, make it uncomplicated.” 

He drinks half the Corona and rolls the half-empty bottle between his hands.  “I don’t know how to anymore.”  And it’s the way he looks at me, makes me feel things I never thought I’d be feelin’ around another guy.

Brian’s screwed with my life from the moment he blew into it.  A sandstorm.  My sandstorm.

“You know, Dom, a couple of weeks with you and everythin’ else just loses its taste.”

Now that’s a compliment.

Figured I owed him something in return.  "I'd never told anyone about my Dad." 

The team, they knew.  But before Brian had come along the very last thing I'd imagined myself doin' was telling that stuff to a guy I'd known for two weeks, a guy I wasn't even sure I trusted.  But I was telling the truth when I said I had faith in him. 

"Mia, Vince, Leon... Jesse, even Letty - they're family.  They look at me and want... strength, want me to lead them.  You look at me and I just see... you, lookin’ at me."  This sure as hell isn't easy.  "At me, not to me."  That was eloquent.  What I’m struggling to say… It's got something to do with equality.  He doesn't need my strength - he's proved that; the heroic and unutterably stupid stunt he pulled to rescue Vince.  The just as idiotic and no less dangerous act of handing me the key to the Supra.  "You're stronger than all of us."

We're sittin' side by side, shoulder touching shoulder, both slumped slightly in the fading heat of the day.

Liftin' the Corona, I stop with it almost at my mouth because he's lookin' at me and if I turn my head I can taste his breath.  Close.  Too close, damn it.  I’m not aware I’m licking my lips until he mirrors the gesture.  Leaning forward I can close the gap, replace his tongue with mine….

He moves away - just his head - before I do, a faint smile touching his lips.

"Not sure they're ready for us lockin' lips," he explains quietly and for a second I have no idea what he's talkin' about.

Then I glance back to the house and catch Vince and Leon watchin' us from the open doors that lead out into the yard.  Part of me doesn't care what they're ready for but Brian’s still uncertain of his welcome, never mind his place here.

I drown the remainder of my beer.  “Know what else I loved about you?”


I let my smile apologise for me.  “Your arrogance.  That know-it-all attitude.  The very fact you were never scared of me, never intimidated by who I was or what I was.”

Brian glances at me.  “I knew I was safe with you.”

“Evan after Linder.”

“Because of Linder.  That afternoon, when you told me about your Dad, I knew I was never going to be able to turn you over to the cops.  You wouldn’t believe the crap I came up with to keep them off your back.”

I can’t believe I didn’t put it together before now.  Vince had been right, about everything.  Well, fuck me.

“You did narc on Tran.”

He’s shrugging and I can tell this is making him more uncomfortable.  But he still has balls of fucking steel.  “Did more than that, Dom.  I was there, at his house.”

The anger’s gone, if it was ever really there.  And now I’m imagining him in full police combat dress.  All in black.  Kevlar and carryin’.  I’m not getting used to all these new kinks my dick’s all of a sudden findin’ more than interestin’.

The problem is, I love him.  And that’s cool, because I love Vince and Leon too.  But I don’t have the same urge to get them naked and kiss every inch of skin I can get my mouth close to.  I want to see Brian on the edge of orgasm, wanna hear the noises he makes, to know if he’s a gentle or rough lover.  I’ll take him any way I can get him.

I haven’t even kissed him yet thanks to my two chaperones.

Fuck ‘em.

Bottle down, body turned, hands around Brian’s neck, tracing the fine hairs at the base of his scalp.  He swallows, eyes widening, knowing what I’m gonna do.  Scared, Brian?  But he’s there with me, mouth pliant, tongue eager.

God, he’s gorgeous.

I can only imagine the look on the faces of the guys watching us from the house.

I don’t care.

He’s mine now.  More importantly, I’m his.  I know he ain’t walking away.